Tengiz Unit

Services for individuals:

  • Deposit transactions;
  • account transactions;
  • utilities payments;
  • exchange transactions;
  • payment cards transactions (withdrawal, replenishment, pos-terminals);
  • ATM.

Transfer Transactions:

  • SWIFT;
  • Faster;
  • Western Union;
  • Interbank and Inbank.

Working Hours’ Schedule for Individuals

business days
lunch time
Individuals’ Cash Office
lunch time
Other Services Office
Saturday Sunday
from 9-00 till 17-00 without break without break day-off day-off

Services for legal entities:

  • Deposit transactions;
  • cash & payment service;
  • transfer transactions;
  • electronic service system "Bank-Customer".

Working Hours’ Schedule for Legal Entities

business days
Legal Entities' Cash Service Office
Saturday Sunday
from 10-00 till 19-00 without break day-off day-off

Contact Data:

  • Address: 4 monolith, Tengiz camp, Zhylyoisky district
  • Telephone: 8 (71237) 73-468
Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008